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About Travel Legacy

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Our Services

Dreaming of visiting a place is one thing, making it happen is something completely different. At Travel Legacy, we not only make your luxury vacation happen, we take it to the next level with our planning services. Our experience has given us the knowledge and the partnerships to provide exclusive access to sites and experiences you can’t find on your own. Wherever you want to go, your adventure starts here.

Our team of seasoned travel experts thrive on helping people experience new things. 

We offer friendly and professional service.



To truly experience a place, you need to be free from the stress, worry, and uncertainty that can come from booking and managing your own travel. By serving as your travel expert and liaison, we empower you to be fully present wherever you are to get the most out of your vacation. With us, you can travel farther and rest easy knowing we’re here for you no matter what.

Eliminate worry and stress.

  • A dedicated travel advisor throughout your booking process and vacation.

  • Direct access to your travel advisor via phone, email, or travel app throughout your vacation.

  • Visible savings on air, cruise, hotel, and excursion fares and fee

Hotel Pool

Great value

Piazza San Marco Venice


Safari Sunrise

great adventure

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